Automatic trading

No experience required

The use of our trading robots does not require any particular knowledge. If necessary, our after-sales service is available to assist you.

Your money under control

You deposit your money into your broker’s account. Your capital is not blocked, you can recover it whenever you want.

Close your screen

No more scrutinizing charts and watching the markets. The robot will not miss any trade opportunity for which it is programmed.

Zero hidden fees

The robot comes with 10 activations, you can use it without time limit on up to 10 differents computers,  nor any additional costs.

You keep control

You remain in control of the strategy you wish to adopt. You choose the level of security and the profit objectives to be achieved.

Say goodbye to stress

Say goodbye to stress! Trading is 100% automated. Once set up, the EA takes care of everything, trades, money management are managed automatically.

GPT24 trading software It is the assurance of:

Compatible with any budget

Our trading robots operate with a minimum starting capital of $500 to start generating profits.

Live trade tracking

Check BotGPT24 history with MQL5 Official Certified Results.

99.90% quality backtest

Our trading robots are tested over several years with a 99.90% real history with the Tickstory software on a DUKASCOPY database.

State-of-the-art software

The development of AI as well as the new technologies of recent years are the very basis of the design of our software.

Easy handling

Quick and easy installation of robots and extremely simple configuration .

A real after-sales service 5 days a week

An after-sales service at your disposal every day of the week, to answer your questions or assist you.

Backtest of our Forex trading robot The last backtest in video over the last 3 years

The result of the backtest of our forex trading bot is actually very encouraging. In fact, over the year 2022 and until August 2023, BotGPT achieved + 187% profit. The backtest is carried out with data from DUKASCOPY, data deemed to be very reliable with a modeling quality of 99.90%The backtest was carried out under video to allow you to see for yourself that no special effects or photo editing is possible.

Backtesting results Backtests on real history

We remind you that our trading robots have been marketed through the purchase of this year 2023, the service is therefore very recent, it is set to develop over the coming months as the selling price of our own MetaTrader expert advisors.

You can check the performance of our trading robots by viewing the backtest available on the site.

It is important to know that the backtests are carried out according to the rules of the art and that they are carried out without the use of economic news filters. Indeed, even if our trading robots are equipped with financial news filters, their use is not mandatory but depending on the level of security you want to add to the robot, these options can be useful to prevent movements related to market volatility.

Bot Forex Profits 2022
Bot Forex Drawdown 2022

Maximum loss taken

Earnings 2022 - 2023
Drawdown 2022 - 2023

Maximum loss taken

Expert Advisor GPT24 Included in the training


BotGPT24 Forex EUR/USD Version (MT4)

The first new generation AI GPT24 Forex robot. He has only one goal in mind, to win his trades, with more than 83% success he wants to be as regular as possible, try it for free !

Available settings:
– Take profit
– Stop loss
– Lots
– Trailing Stop
– News filters
– Money management

He is not a scalper but an intraday, he prefers to take his time and not miss his target. He makes an average of 10 to 20 trades per month . Tested on the pair (EURUSD), find its backtest on video. It has many settings if you want to do tests for example, it is most likely able to achieve the same performance on other Forex pairs. Delivered ready to use with the training, plan a minimum capital of $500 to aim for the first expected results. This multi-currency trading robot wins the vast majority of its trades. However, it is important to note that a drawdown, although rare, is always possible and can reach up to 40% of its capital. If you are not psychologically prepared for this eventuality, it is better not to use this robot.


BotGPT24 Forex EUR/USD Version (MT5)

The little brother of the MT4 bot but this time in MT5 version. Identical to the MT4 version, it retains the same exceptional success in winning trades . Ready to use with $500 capital as well, try it for free !

Download BotGPT MT4

Forex trading robot GPT24

The most frequently asked questions. Please read before contacting us.

No, there is no subscription to pay, no hidden fees or commissions.
There is no experience required to launch your trading robots, if you have any doubts or questions, our after-sales service will be happy to help you.
To tell the truth, there is no imposed broker, that said , in order to get the best possible performance and not cut into the profit margin, it is strongly advised to use a broker that has the same level of spread as we recommend in the use of robots.
Plan a minimum capital of €500 to start your investment.
In trading, if you don't already know, it's the impatient who pay the patient. We can't predict or promise you that you'll make that much money per month, ethically that's not right, that's not how it works. According to our results, our earnings expectations are pretty good in the long term, you can refer to backtest to give you a better idea.
Our company INCEPLINE is French and has been active for more than 10 years. We publish, among other things, software. We follow the procedures to the letter and take care to carry out the tests and backtests according to the rules of the art. However, even though our backtests are reliable, you should keep in mind that past results cannot predict future results. it's not possible of guarantee your future results in terms of your use of robots. In any case, in trading, the investment must be limited to the money you can afford to lose.
Our robots do not use dangerous strategies such as martingale or grids, but this does not guarantee the absence of risk of capital losses.
At the moment our trading bots are only compatible with metatrader (MT4 and MT5).
Absolutely not, you manage your trading robot as you see fit. The capital you deposit in your broker's account remains available as you wish, it's your robot, your broker, your money.

Download BotGPT MT5

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