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The source code is from which trading robot ?

Here is the MT4 trading robot: BotAGI

Here is the MT5 trading robot: BotAGI

What is BotAGI ?

BotAGI is the basic version of BotGPT, but without the connection to the neural network.

You have all the options in the source code, you just have to activate them.

How to activate an option ?

Simply indicate (input) at the beginning of the line of code of the option to activate.

input source code

Here is the list of options available in the source code :

– Take profit
– Stoploss
– Money management
– Trailing stop
– News filters
– Trading day
– Trading hours
– Use the zero lag MACD indicator
– Use the RSI indicator
– Use the moving average indicator
– Fibo adjustment

Once you are done with your changes, simply save your work and click (compile).

compile source code

Your new executable file is ready. If there are any errors, these are indicated at the bottom of the software.

input string   comment_P_EA =                "=== EA PROPERTIES ===";                     //.
input ulong   	magicNumber =                 100;                                         // Nombre Magic (Trade 1)
input ulong   	magicNumberF =                101;                                         // Nombre Magic (Trade Bis)
input string   commentTrade =                "EA MT5 BotAGI FX EURUSD M15";                                      // Commentaire trade

string comment_P_PS = "=== TRADE PARAMETERS A ==="; //.
int DistSL = 1200; // Stop Loss (en points)
int DistTP_1 = 150; // Take Profit 1 (en points)
bool EAtrade2 = false; // Autoriser le deuxième trade
int DistTP_2 = 300; // Take Profit 2 (en points)

int minCandlesPattern = 50; // Nombre minimum de bougies pour confirmer l'entrée
int Str_minTrigger = 25; // Distance de rupture par rapport au haut/bas de la bougie précédente (en point)
double waitHours = 2; // Nombre d'heures d'attente pour l'ouverture d'un nouveau trade

string comment_P_PS2 = "=== TRADE PARAMETERS B ==="; //.
int DistSL_F = 3900; // Stop Loss trade B (en points)
int DistTP_F = 80; // Take Profit trade B (en points)
double FIBO_retracement = 0.610; // Retracement de Fibonacci
uint FIBO_nTrades = 1; // Nombre de trades au retracement de Fibonacci
int minDistFibo = 300; // Distance minimale de tous le retracement pour activer le trade Fibo

string comment_MACD = "=== INDICATEUR MACD ZeroLag ==="; //.
bool activateMACD = true; // Activation indicateur MACD ZeroLag
int MACD_FastEMA = 12; // Période EMM rapide
int MACD_SlowEMA = 26; // Période EMM lente
int MACD_SignalSMA = 9; // Période Signal

string comment_RSI = "=== INDICATEUR RSI ==="; //.
bool activateRSI = true; // Activation indicateur RSI
int RSI_period = 14; // Période RSI
int RSI_MM_Period = 14; // Période MM appliquée au RSI
ENUM_MA_METHOD RSI_MM_Method = MODE_SMA; // Méthode MM appliquée au RSI

string comment_MM = "=== INDICATEUR MOYENNE MOBILE ==="; //.
bool activateMM = true; // Activation indicateur Moyenne Mobile
int MA_Period = 200; // Période MM
ENUM_MA_METHOD MA_Method = MODE_EMA; // Méthode MM
int MA_Shift = 0; // Décalage MM

string comment_ARGENT = "=== GESTION MONEY TRADE A ==="; //.
datetime dateStartMMEA = 0; // Date start counting "Capital Allocation"
double capitalToAllocateEA = 0; // Capital to allocate for the EA (0 = Equity)

bool Compounding = false; // Effet cumulatif
double lotsEA = 0.01; // Lots
double riskEA = 0; // Risque en % [0-100]
double riskDenaroEA = 0; // Risque en argent
double commissioniEA = 6; // Commission par lot

input string comment_ARGENTF = "=== GESTION MONEY TRADE B (0.10 for 500$ capital) ==="; //.
bool CompoundingF = false; // Effet cumulatif Trade B
input double lotsEAF = 0.10; // Lots Trade Fibo
double riskEAF = 0; // Risque en % [0-100] Trade Fibo
double riskDenaroEAF = 0; // Risque en argent Trade Fibo
double commissioniEAF = 6; // Commission par lot Trade Fibo

string comment_TS1 = "=== TRAILING STOP TRADE A ==="; //.
int distTriggerTSBE_1 = 0; // Trigger en points pour le TrailingStop [0 -> OFF]

string comment_TS2 = "=== TRAILING STOP TRADE B ==="; //.
int distTriggerTSBE_F = 0; // Trigger en points pour le TrailingStop Fibo, appliqué à tous les trades FIBO [0 -> OFF]

string comment_OT = "=== TRADING HOUR ==="; //.
HoursAllowed sessioneInizio_H = HA00; // Début de session (heure)
MinutesAllowed sessioneInizio_M = MA00; // Début de session (minute)
HoursAllowed sessioneFine_H = HA24; // Fin de session (heure)
MinutesAllowed sessioneFine_M = MA00; // Fin de session (minute)
bool chiusuraFuoriSessione = false; // Fermer les transactions en dehors des heures de négociation

bool giornataLunedì = true; // Lundi
bool giornataMartedì = true; // Mardi
bool giornataMercoledì = true; // Mercredi
bool giornataGiovedì = true; // Jeudi
bool giornataVenerdì = true; // Vendredi

How it works ?

1/ To begin, you must acquire the source code. Click below to buy full source code of MT4 and MT5 robot BotAGI.


More information :

How BotGPT works :


Click below to see an example of trade

He surfs the trends, he relies on several indicators to make a decision but above all, he calculates historical data compared to previous candles to situate himself. It mainly works with EURUSD. A starting capital of $500 can be enough to start trading.

Why use a trading expert advisor ?

In the world of trading, automated trading robots offer numerous advantages over manual trading. Their precise execution, elimination of emotions, and ability to analyze vast amounts of data make them powerful tools for traders.

Unleash the Power of Automatic Trading: The Undeniable Benefits

1. Zero Emotion, 100% Disciplined
2. Responsiveness and Opportunities
3. Optimization and Backtesting
4. Non-stop trading, 24/7
5. Simplified diversification

Why have your own expert advisor source code?

Freedom and Unlimited Opportunities :

In the world of automated trading, having your own source code from your expert advisor is a considerable advantage that can open new doors to financial success. Not only does this give you complete freedom to customize your bot, but it also allows you to explore exciting business opportunities. Instead, see why having your own source code for your EA is a wise decision.

1. Unlimited Customization

When you own the source code of your trading robot, you have the power to customize it at will. You are not limited by the pre-defined features of a purchased trading robot. You can adjust and improve your robot to perfectly match your unique trading strategy. You are the master of your own creation.

2. Instant Adaptability

Financial markets are constantly changing, and a trading strategy that worked yesterday may no longer be effective today. When you have your own source code, you can react quickly to market changes. You can make real-time adjustments to maximize opportunities or minimize risks. This instant adaptability is an invaluable asset in the world of trading.

3. Commercial Potential

Owning your expert advisor MT4 or MT5 source code can also create exciting business opportunities. You may decide to offer your personalized EA MT4 or MT5 trading robot to other interested traders. If your robot has proven itself, it can become a source of substantial income. In addition, this allows you to become an active player in the metatrader (MQL5) market by selling expert advisors with or without licenses or even by offering customization services for other traders.

4. Confidentiality and Control

When using a third-party trading robot, you often need to share sensitive information about your trading account with the EA coder. By having your own source code, you maintain full control of your data and security. You don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your business information because it remains in your hands. Your valuable trading strategy will remain solely in your hands.

5. Learning and Mastery

Working with the source code of your expert trading advisor is an invaluable learning opportunity. You develop your skills in programming, data analysis and risk management. You gain a better understanding of the inner workings of financial markets, which can be valuable even if you decide to move on to other trading strategies in the future.

The Power of Creativity and Opportunity

By owning your own trading robot source code, you unlock almost unlimited potential for creativity and opportunity. You have the freedom to customize your EA MT4 and EA MT5 according to your needs, react quickly to market changes, and leverage your trading expertise to create additional income. It’s a path that requires commitment and learning, but the rewards can be exceptional. So why not take control of your financial future by owning your trading robot source code ?




Here are the latest video results from BotGPT (2022 to 08/2023)

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